The Reflector App from Ms K

Linda, Learning Technologies Mentor for the VSB, tries out the Reflector App (10 minute trial mode).  The Reflector App is a good alternative to Apple TV.  It AirPlay mirrors (wirelessly) your iPad2 (or newer), iPhone 4S (or newer) and the iPad mini onto your PC or Mac computer.

During my trial, I AirPlayed to my district Macbook Air.

Some things to consider:

  • does screen casting too.  It brings in system audio from the iPad and records in .mov format
  • not applicable for Android or Windows devices
  • depends on stable WiFi connection
  • both computer and iOS device must be on same network to communicate
  • both devices need to be using the same WiFi access point as well
  • school IT may need to allow TCP ports (see site for specs) to be open to communicate
  • $12.99 for single user license (Feb 2013)
  • $54.99 for 5 seat license (Feb 2013)


I found the Reflector App very easy to use.  Once you’ve gone through the process of getting the application on your computer, all you have to do is:

  1. Double-click the Home button on the iOS device.
  2. Access your AirPlay by scrolling the bottom apps to the right until you see the AirPlay pop-up.  Turn on Mirroring
  3. Your iPad (screen and frame) will show up on your computer now.
  4. Hook up your computer to your LCD projector and now  you can walk around your classroom and show content from your iPad on the projector.

About Cakebrain

A Vancouver English teacher preoccupied with cake... Reflecting about my learning as an educator. I am currently teaching English part time and also working part time at the Vancouver Board of Education as a Learning Technologies Mentor. This blog also contains an archive of my Concept Papers and Inquiry and Coaching Reflections (ICR) from my grad studies program at VIU (CIEL) You can follow my food and edu-tweets @Cakebrain My Class Wiki: http://uhillenglish.wikispaces.com My food blog is http://cakeonthebrain.blogspot.com
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