Dell XPS Duo 12 Ultrabook: Tech review

20130209-102620.jpgHi y’all,

I just realized yesterday that my personal iPhone5’s storage is full! Full of video clips of things my students are doing in class and especially video clips of my tech reviews. The phone is very new. I got it around Christmas time.

A problem I encountered…I have no means of supporting the iPhone5 while I’m filming. I film by myself on my kitchen island where there’s okay light. The island is high enough but oh pain…I had to jury rig my phone on a tall tupperware container and tape it on an iPad stand that is designed for the old 30pin dongle. I am loathe to go buy a proper stand because I’m cheap (and I actually don’t film much other than these podcasts for this district job.)

Then, during playback of the clips, I realized that I wasn’t capturing the entire screen of the Dell in my video. Double pain! I had to return the demo model that afternoon so I just sucked it up and went ahead and made the clips into an iMovie and posted it on Vimeo. So I apologize profusely for the horrible video. At least near the end you can see my Review in the last frame. I outline the Pros and Cons from my perspective.

It took me 9 tries to upload the video from my iPhone5. I kept getting this pop-up on the phone that said “Failed to upload” (what?) and so I tried Youtube and it failed to upload several times again. Finally around 1a.m. for some reason, it stuck and went all the way through the rendering and uploading process. I had fallen asleep anyway and had given up. Maybe it’s like a watched pot boiling. I don’t know.

I definitely need a better method of creating podcasts. I think I need to find me a pocket camcorder (LIT, you have one to lend me?) so I can whip it out and record at any time separately from all my iPhone stuff. Now that I have a Macbook Air to try out, I can use the full version of iMovie on the computer; whereas before I had the crappy iPad version or iPhone version to make do with. Let me tell you: it is no fun creating a video on your iPhone. No fun at all. It’s so tiny and hard to see the clips.

However, now I know how to edit and create a video and upload it solely from my one device, the iPhone. It’s doable but not much fun. It was difficult telling all the clips apart because they were so tiny and besides this, you can’t dub at all.

I am going up to Whistler with my iPhone and hope to take pics of my girls skiing this long weekend but I am worrying maybe I don’t have any more storage left on my phone for the pics. I am going to delete some clips and hopefully don’t delete the ones I was saving for another podcast.

I’d like to thank Chris at Dell and VSB LIT for loaning the XPS Duo12 for review.   Here’s a link to the Canadian Dell site for techie specs and exact prices.

Dell XPS Duo12 Ultrabook from Ms K on Vimeo.



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