iPads in the Classroom: Apps for Secondary Teachers

iPads in the Classroom:  A Teaching Tool for 21st Century Learning

Here is a compilation of Apps that I’ve found useful in my Humanities classroom (I’m a senior English teacher but have taught Music and Social Studies early in my career).  The list is not comprehensive but highlights some of my favourites.  Some are free from the App Store through iTunes and some cost $.  I rarely like to spend money on an app unless it’s very good (because I’m cheap!)

Teacher Planning & Productivity:

Teacher Pal (free): click HERE to go to the preview link

“Enter grades, attendance and behavioral comments right into your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. No more lost records, lugging laptops, or being tethered to a desktop! Easily import, export, and backup your data. Forget pens and paper grade books—now entering grades is like “tap dancing.”

  • you can take pictures of your students and have the images arranged in a seating plan for taking easy attendance (helps you learn their names/faces quickly)

Dropbox (free): click HERE to go to the preview link

  • storage for your lesson plans and worksheets in the clouds
  • syncs across all your devices
  • students can submit essays/assignments in a folder you specify
  • if you refer a friend and s/he downloads it, you can increase your space

Cozi (free):  click HERE to go to the preview link

  • syncs across all devices (family and work reminders all in one)
  • journal, calendar, reminders…all colour-coordinated for individuals in your family

Evernote (free): click HERE to go to the preview link

  • capture webpages, images and content from the internet
  • organize into folders
  • syncs across all devices

CloudOn (free):  click HERE to go to the preview link

“Use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your iPad to create or edit documents.
Rename, delete and manage documents with your Dropbox, Box or Drive accounts
View virtually any type of file, including: PDF, PSD, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.
Send files via email directly from the workspace
Display, edit or create charts, change formatting, spell check, insert comments, etc into any Word, Excel or PowerPoint files
Track changes while reviewing Word documents
Use pivot tables and insert formulas in Excel workbooks
Display and edit transitions in PowerPoint slides and present in full PowerPoint mode (not in PDF)
Open files directly from your iPad email accounts as well as Dropbox, Box and Drive
Automatically save documents to avoid losing changes”

Teacher Professional Development:

Flipboard (free):  click HERE to go to itunes link

“Creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you. Flip through your Facebook newsfeed, tweets from your Twitter timeline, photos from Instagram friends and much more”

  • magazine format makes for easy viewing
  • twitter feed, newspaper feeds, magazine feeds and fave site feeds all in one app

Twitter (free):  click HERE to sign up for twitter

  • follow fave/top educators, researchers and educational leaders

Kindle (free):  click  HERE to go to itunes link

  • Amazon books
  • purchase books through amazon.com or amazon.ca

Kobo (free):  click HERE to go to the itunes  link

  • chapters books
  • 1 million free books

iBooks(free):  click HERE to go to the itunes link

  • books through iTunes
  • add pdfs to iBooks

iBooks Author (free) (you need a MAC to create the books but you can preview books on the iPADs for learning/sharing) itunes link HERE

  • create your own textbook, workbook, picture book, cookbook , history book
  • self-publish your lessons
  • create interactive reviews
  • possibility to make $$ if you sell your book through itunes

Assessment:  Formative Assessment & Assessment for Learning

Notability ($0.99):  click HERE to go to the itunes link

  • import pdf’s into Notability
  • annotate, highlight
  • import/export/email

Socrative (free): click HERE for the student clicker; click HERE for the teacher clicker

 “a smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets”

  • employ mobile devices as clickers in your classroom
  • you require a teacher version of the app and your class uses the student version
  • employ AFL strategies in your classroom

Camscanner (free): click HERE for the itunes link

“all your paper documents, receipts, notes, whiteboard discussions can be archived anywhere at anytime. Our Smart Image cropping and Image enhancement algorithm ensures the scanned images perfectly clear and recognizable”.

  • take pictures with your iphone/iPad of student work; post on LCD projector and discuss with class.
  • creates a pdf so you can annotate it later
  • use your iPhone4 as a scanner (better resolution than the iPad2)
  • import and export pdfs or images

Student Research & Inquiry:

  • iTunes U [esp. Sciences & Math]
  • Safari
  • GoogleEarth(free): click HERE for itunes link [esp. Geography, English, Social Studies, History]
  • Ted(free); click HERE for the itunes link

Collaboration & Group work:

  • Google+ (free): collaborate online (ages 14+) and live video-chat for free with up to 10 people simulateously.
  • VTok (free):  allows  iPad user to use video-chat feature on Google+

Word processing:

  • Pages ($9.99) click HERE to go to the itunes link
  • Notability ($0.99) annotate pdf’s, mark-up term papers, peer-editing

Hooks, Lesson Nuggets, Concept Reinforcement & Extension:

Make your own Khan Academy-like videos explaining concepts.  Students can demonstrate their learning and everyone can collaborate.  You can utilize content created by others or create your own content.

Synthesis of Learned Concepts through Presentations:

Create comics from templates or create your own template.  Quick, easy creation of comic cells to display learned knowledge. Storytelling.  Synthesis of learned concepts.  End of unit kinaesthetic Summary activity.

  • Prezi Viewer (free) (cannot create Prezis with the app; just view them) 
  • Keynote ($9.99) (compatible with PowerPoint [presentations)
  • StoryKit  (free)  itunes link HERE  [esp. good for storytelling, Social Studies, English, Art]
  • iMovie ($4.99)  click HERE to go to the preview link [great for skits]
  • PicCollage or PicStitch (free) create collages
  • NFB Pixstop (National Film Board) Stop animation [esp. English, Drama, Art/Photography]
  • Blogger & WordPress & Wikis for deeper learning and extension:
    • discussion forums
    • e-portfolios
    • self-publish
    • creative writing/sharing
    • authentic learning & assessment
    • Class Wikispace: click HERE for my class wiki for ideas
 *NB:  If you’re interested in more educational apps (and have 60 minutes), you can look into this Prezi created by Clint Stevens:  60 Educational Apps in 60 Minutes.


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A Vancouver English teacher preoccupied with cake... Reflecting about my learning as an educator. I am currently teaching English part time and also working part time at the Vancouver Board of Education as a Learning Technologies Mentor. This blog also contains an archive of my Concept Papers and Inquiry and Coaching Reflections (ICR) from my grad studies program at VIU (CIEL) You can follow my food and edu-tweets @Cakebrain My Class Wiki: http://uhillenglish.wikispaces.com My food blog is http://cakeonthebrain.blogspot.com
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