Technology can be wonderful when it works. From the outset, I knew that Google+ would be an exciting way for our cohort to meet face-to-face online. This is why I sent everyone an invitation to use it in August.

The problem with Google+ is that not many people know of its powerful conferencing capabilities. With Google+, you can live video chat with up to 10 people at the same time for free. You can’t do that with Facebook or any other platform currently. Because Google+ is a pilot project, you must have an invitation to use it. Not everyone I emailed the Google+ invitations to took me up on the offer to use it. I wasn’t offended, but that creates the problem of being able to video chat with other members of the cohort.



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A Vancouver English teacher preoccupied with cake... Reflecting about my learning as an educator. I am currently teaching English part time and also working part time at the Vancouver Board of Education as a Learning Technologies Mentor. This blog also contains an archive of my Concept Papers and Inquiry and Coaching Reflections (ICR) from my grad studies program at VIU (CIEL) You can follow my food and edu-tweets @Cakebrain My Class Wiki: My food blog is
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