It was a Friday afternoon and I had just arrived home from a hectic day at school. The sun was streaming through my windows. I was anticipating a dinner date with my family and checked my iPad for email. Up popped a notification. I was being invited to a Hangout on Google+. I caught my breath, a nano-second horrified that I had possibly forgotten about a coaching meeting with Adria and Tanya again. The last time I had fallen asleep and had missed our meeting online altogether. I vowed this would never happen again and had a series of back- ups for preventing this embarrassing situation. After I tapped my Google+ app, I realized that I was being invited to a new hangout with Wendy, Wade, Pearl and Dwayne’s coaching group. I was excited. I hadn’t seen them in months! I immediately realized that I had to use a different app in order to join in on the video-conferencing. Within minutes, on my iPad, I was looking at Wade in his office at his desk, kicking back in his office chair and I was able to see Wendy’s adorable Chihuahua as we chatted.



About Cakebrain

A Vancouver English teacher preoccupied with cake... Reflecting about my learning as an educator. I am currently teaching English part time and also working part time at the Vancouver Board of Education as a Learning Technologies Mentor. This blog also contains an archive of my Concept Papers and Inquiry and Coaching Reflections (ICR) from my grad studies program at VIU (CIEL) You can follow my food and edu-tweets @Cakebrain My Class Wiki: My food blog is
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