I must confess that my energy was waning in early January. Our small team meets online at 8:30pm on a weekday on a pre-arranged day. Initially, technology was an issue and we wasted time trying to get on Google+ at the same time to talk face to face. Subsequent times were quite alright but I know Adria struggled along with me during the longer sessions because we have little ones readying for bedtime around our meeting time. Thankfully, she was very open about needing to break off the conversation so that we could get to bed. Despite being tired, or pressed for time, I personally find it very difficult to be the one to break up a conversation; especially if it’s interesting. On a few occasions we found ourselves talking for a good deal longer than we anticipated. Sometimes the little ones either didn’t get to bed in time or if they did, we didn’t get to bed in time as a result of having to complete school work after our meeting.

For the first meeting in January online, our small team was to meet as usual on a Thursday. I had the meeting circled on the calendar, written in my agenda and posted on my iPhone. I even sent myself a reminder in the email. I decided to help put one of my daughters to bed as my husband put the other little one to bed in the other room. I looked at the clock and realized that I had time for a little story before bedtime. Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep with her in her bed and when I woke up it was 9pm! I jolted straight up from my catnap and ran downstairs, realizing that there was a remote chance that they might still be online. By the time I booted up the computer and got onto Google+, I realized no one was around. There was no active “hangout” online. I later learned that Tanya had misinterpreted the meeting time too. So

Adria was online all by her lonesome and left us a message that she was heading off to bed. My bad. You do not realize the extent of the guilt I had that night. I was cursing myself for my tiredness. I went online to look for an app that would ring and alarm on my iphone in case that should happen again. I thought this behaviour out of character for me. I have never missed a meeting in my life. In fact, I’m always early for meetings…but obviously I am capable of it now so I had to plan for it next time. In the end I realized it wasn’t as big a deal as I made it out to be. The ladies were understanding (being mothers after all) and we just made another date to go online the next week. That meeting just wasn’t meant to be.





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